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Created in 2000, Tomatis Développement S.A. (TDSA) is located in Luxembourg. Exclusive holder of the know-how of the Tomatis® Method and of the several trademarks and patents filed by Alfred TOMATIS, this company was created and directed by his son, Christian TOMATIS, and by Thierry GAUJARENGUES. Thierry GAUJARENGUES is now President of the company and proudly works with a team of multilingual collaborators. The company operates in four sectors :

Historia Metody Tomatisa


Tomatis Développement S.A.combines 50 years of experience using the Tomatis® Method with the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive science. TDSA participates in several clinical, scientific, and technological research trials and programs in conjunction with universities and research centers around the world.

Struktura Metody Tomatisa

Pro. equipment

Tomatis Développement S.A.makes its own devices for sensory stimulation. These devices are innovative, effective, non-intrusive, and they provide programs already processed with the Tomatis® Effect. Each year, new technological progress allows us to upgrade and improve these devices, which allows us to serve our clients better.

Technologia Metody Tomatisa

Pro. training

Tomatis Développement S.A. offers in-depth training around the world. Teaching is done by trainers with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Tomatis® Method.

Technologia Metody Tomatisa

Pro. licence

Tomatis Développement S.A. monitors the correct use and proper practice of the Tomatis® Method in its various fields of application. Licensed professionals have followed a rigorous and in-depth training, and use only certified equipment.

Tomatis Method®